5 Great Examples of Editorial Calendars for a Blog

by Michelle Windmoeller of Blue Cypress Solutions When I start writing for a new blog, I first like to put all of my content ideas on an editorial calendar. This allows me to see where the blog will go in the next few weeks or months, pinpoint some key dates or events that I want […]

Do you do THESE things when you Guest Blog?

by Michelle Windmoeller at Blue Cypress Solutions When first asked to be a guest blogger, you enter the stages of happiness but soon realize that someone has real faith in you and you want to prove your worth. Self-doubt starts to creep in. Do I write well enough? Is this what she wanted? Did I […]

Content Curation is Smart Business

When your business has curated content on it’s website, that’s like saying “I love my customers and value their time!”  By finding the best information about the 2013 Trek road cycles or the latest in latex halloween masks, turning that information into a reader friendly format, then putting all of the information in one place…your […]

4 Ways to Know You’ve Done Enough Curating

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll just check one more site,” which turns into looking at three more links, which leads to another video, which has an interesting comment, and on and on…? With an insane amount of data available, there’s always going to be one more stick to chase. At some point […]