Every Comment Counts

In the month of December, many of you were asked to give a financial donation to the PedNet Coalition. I currently serve on the PedNet Board of Directors and sincerely thank all of you that did. Columbia greatly benefits from having an organization that is keeping an eye on pedestrian/bicycle infrastructure projects.

If only money were enough when it comes to advocacy. In order to truly get the trail system we all want and know is important, we need a bit of your time now.

Just 30 minutes. Maybe even less.

On Monday, January 26th 6:30pm the City will be hosting a drop-in meeting regarding the Grindstone to Stephen Link trail. At this meeting you will be able to view displays of the project, ask questions of city staff, and leave a comment stating your support or opposition to the various trail options. (read below for more information on this trail)

These comments, used as a gauge of what citizens truly want, play a very important part in the decision making process for Columbia’s City Council.

Please mark you calendar now to stop in for just 10 minutes anytime between 6:30p-8p at Shepard Elementary School (2616 Shepard Blvd) so you can leave a comment stating your thoughts on this trail segment.This is one of those times when a small effort by you can really, truly make a big difference in the shape of Columbia’s future.

I will be there. Steve will be there. Every comment counts. Join us.

Want to know more about this project?

Stay tuned! There was an informational meeting on January 5th and I will be adding info from it as time allows. In the mean time, here is a photo of the four proposed alignments. PedNet is advocating for options 1 and 3 to be built.

The four options


Do you like getting involved in things like this?

Join the PedNet Advocacy Team. This team exists to publicly support key trail projects and bike/ped issues. There are no regular meetings to attend or leadership roles to fill; just be ready to mobilize when it comes time to demonstrate community support for important projects. That can mean attending an Interested Parties meeting or sending an email of support to a councilperson or going to a city council meeting. It means adding your name to the list of people we can count on when it really matters. You in? Send me a message and I’ll let you know more.


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