Living The Dream

I’m an optimist. Not the Christmas tree selling, bingo playing kind. The “it’s possible to live The Dream kind.” As long as The Dream is yours and realistic to you, I optimistically believe you can do it.

Again: yours and realistic to you.

It may not look like it, but I was having one of my most favorite days of my life here. I was living part of My Dream life.

It may not look like it, but I was living My Dream here. This is one of my favorite memories and I look back on the day with joy.

I once dreamed of going into space. I now have positional vertigo so living this dream would make me throw-up on my fellow space travelers, so I’m content to let it go. My dream, but not realistic anymore.

I once dreamed of being an elementary school principal. I have a degree in education and love hanging with kiddos, but I don’t like meetings and regulations. Realistic, but not my dream anymore.

I still dream of spending my winters in a warm climate. Nothing short of hell freezing over will keep that from happening. Once the kids finish high school, the words “wind chill” will not be in my vocabulary. My dream and realistic.

All of this doesn’t mean I’m not living My Dream right now though. I have an amazing amount of great things going on in my life. Some I worked hard to get, some fell into my lap, some were disguised as failings at first. The sum total, however, makes up a pretty big mass of awesomeness.

So, what’s your dream that is realistic to you? Are you ready to go for it? Can I help you make it happen? I know you can do it.


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