What A Fool Believes

I’m fairly new to Pandora radio. I have playlist control issues, so it took me a while.

I’d like to say I’m discovering all kinds of great, new music but I tend to gravitate to the familiar stuff.

Not oldies. Good god no. Just stuff from my lifetime.

(pause, I’ll be right back.)

Damn you Google.

I just checked “definition of oldies” and Wikipedia told me that’s what I’m listening to. Apparently we Gen X folks prefer the term Classic Hits, but it’s a delusion.

So, my favorite oldies station is Yacht Rock. Turn it on and you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear Michael McDonald within the first three songs.

The soothing sounds of blue-eyed soul. With white hair. And a circle beard.

Not a bad thing, but not good either.

What seems to be is always better than nothing.

photo list of Michael McDonald

I bet that guy in the middle wants to punch everyone in the face that sings Sweet Freedom to him “Shine your sweet freedom on this! *POW*”


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