He’s Not Mad, He’s Disappointed

The gold tooth is causing a bit of drama in our house.

I told Cora about it because she likes that I’m a badass mom and can handle information like this.

Gold Teeth

What?! Mine cost WAY more than this and I only get one!

Tate is a different matter.

We were all in the kitchen a few nights ago, when Cora brought up the gold tooth, knowing full well what would happen.

“What!” Tate yells. “You’re getting a gold tooth! You are such an irresponsible parent! First tattoos and now this!”

We were all laughing like hyenas, except for Tate.

“What kind of example are you setting? You are REALLY going to have your tooth yanked out so you can get a gold one?”

I explained the situation to him and that no one will really see it because it’ll be all the way in the back.

He’s relieved.

But I’ll know it’s there. Badass.


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