Ms. Bling Bling

I broke the filling out of tooth last week so, as punishment, I have to get a crown. They need a better word for that because it comes with no power or scepter, only a big bill.

Our dentist said my crown could either be tooth-colored porcelain or gold.

He started a spiel about how the cost was the same, but the gold was…when I blurted out “I want a gold one! That sounds badass!”

I’m guessing gold doesn’t get many takers because he went on with his “gold is better” speech for a few more seconds before he stopped and gave me a look.

“You want a gold crown because it’s badass?”


On December 30th this big mouth goes Flavor Flav.

Hoping this shows up under the tree!


One thought on “Ms. Bling Bling

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