Screenshots and other clutter

For someone that’s always on harping on her kids to get off their gadgets and go outside, I seem to spend a lot of my time staring at a computer screen. Actually, two screens. I have another one attached to this computer so that I have even more desktop space to fill with screenshots and unfinished emails and documents and files and some sort of random icon that Excel likes to leave lying around.

Does anyone else get these? You can't move them or delete them. They're like the cockroaches of my desktop.

What IS this??!

A frequent expresson of mine is that you can tell how my life is going based on my desktop. If you walk into a room and I close my computer, it’s not because I’m doing something inappropriate; its that I don’t want you to see how cluttered my brain is.

How bad can it be? Here’s a screenshot from today.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 2.08.12 PM

That feels a bit naked. Avert your eyes, please.

Screenshots are my problem. It’s so easy to hit shift+command+4 on a Mac and have a snapshot of anything. It’s like my file cabinet back in the day. I would tear an article out of a magazine and stuff it into a “house tips” folder only to pitch it all the next time I moved. Now, stuff just sits on the screen in front of me with some cryptic title like “Screen Shot 2013…4am” until I de-clutter.

That leads to my existential problem. I like to think that I could be a person that lives simply, with little clutter and possessions. Screenshot proves that I cannot. No matter how much I resist, the pull of shift+command+4 guarantees that I will never be free from collecting tidbits of life and trying to save them for future use.

After this post I’ll get a little ruthless and clean off all but the most used stuff from my desktop. It shouldn’t be too hard because I never empty my trash file either. I know I can always find those screenshots later.


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