My Bicycle Laws Series

This past winter I made an ambitious goal to break down Missouri’s bicycling laws into seven succinct blog posts.  Achieved! However, I wrote them for the COMO CYCO blog. So what I really should have done was make another goal to get them linked onto my own blog sometime before I had to turn on the a/c for the summer.

Summer is better for kickin’ back anyway. Next time you feel like taking a mental break from work, crack open one of these bad boys and make your own PBR moment.Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 2.43.10 PM

Bicycle Advocacy Got Us Where We Are Today

Bicycle Instructors Have Infiltrated Columbia

Bike Laws Part 1: The Gimmies

Moving Violations: We Are All Scofflaws

The Holy Grail of Bike Laws

Overtaking, Harassment, and Bad Conduct

The Wrap Up: A Few More Laws and a Pop Quiz



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