Where’ve You Been, Michelle?

We’re you starting to think I had abandoned my blog and was off whiling away the winter reading novels and drinking tea? Not so! In fact, I’ve been so busy writing stuff for other people (and reading trashy paperbacks while drinking beer) that I just haven’t had the fortitude to write for myself. Notice I didn’t say time. I’ve had time, but when you spend eight plus hours a day looking at a computer screen the last thing you want to do is spend a few more there after dinner. The cobbler’s children have no shoes and the content writer’s blog is empty.

You need proof? OK, here’s a new roundup of what I’ve been working on lately. It’s quite eclectic so I think there’ll be a little something for everyone…

My name is in here!

My name is in here!

HBO’s The Weight of The Nation

I’m quite proud of the fact that I was on the team that produced this screening guide for HBO’s The Weight of The Nation series. I will also be working on the guides that will be produced for the HBO’s Kids Weight of the Nation Series. Those should be coming out this spring. I’m a lucky gal!



Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 2.27.09 PM

Cycling is my hobby, my social life, and my passion. Check out my series of articles relating to Bicycle Laws in Missouri. I promise they will entertain as well as educate.


Bicycle Advocacy Got Us Where We Are Today

Bike Laws Part 1: The Gimmies

Moving Violations: We are all Scofflaws

Community Commons Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 2.24.09 PM

It makes me very happy that I get to write about the things that greatly interest me. My work on Community Commons allows me to research and curate a variety of different types of healthy living information. Here are a few of my topics this past month.

Kick the Can on Soda Consumption

Healthy Vending Machines

Mobile Markets: One Food Desert Solution

Right now I’m working on Features related to walking, workplace wellness campaigns, and health literacy. I love this stuff! Again, I’m a lucky gal.


2 thoughts on “Where’ve You Been, Michelle?

  1. When I watch Weight of the Nation I couldn’t help but notice the weight of Kelly Brownwell the Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy at Yale. He is certainly well into the obese category.

    Now perhaps this is good because his role in the documentary seemed to be apologizing for anyone who could make healthy choices and explaining why it was practically impossible for normal people. He is certainly a great example of how someone who is going to be criticized for his weight and yet cannot control his food intake and physical activity.

    However, I found it hypocritical and at the very least extremely distracting as you’re watching a wealthy and educated man, who is obese, discuss how food companies dupe the poor and uneducated.

    • As someone who exercises a lot and eats a very healthy diet (compared to most Americans) I still find it hard to keep on top of a healthy weight. If I am not vigilant every day it starts to creep up. I think the large portions doled out and the low access to healthy food, as compared to easy access to quick, empty calories, makes it hard for busy people.
      My real gripes are sugar-sweetened beverages and food portion sizes. We have no idea how many calories we are taking in. I used to think a whole grain bagel from Panera was a sensible snack. It is actually 340 calories! That’s a quarter of the total daily calories a person my size should be eating! If you had asked me before Panera started labeling, I would have said it was about 150.
      Easy to read calorie counts on food and drinks will open people’s eyes and may help reverse the obesity trend in this country.

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