Blog Writing Roundup

A few of the blog posts I‘ve written for other sites recently:

Complete Streets: Safe Access for All Users written for Community Commons

Streets where walkers and bikers are protected from motor vehicles encourage people to get more exercise as part of their daily routines.” –Ray LaHood, US Secretary of Transportation

Secretary LaHood is talking about Complete Streets. The National Complete Streets Coalition defines them as streets that are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users. Read more

 The Truth About Debt Settlement Companies written for Mid-Missouri  Bankruptcy Center

A debt settlement company claims that they can negotiate with your  creditors on your behalf to settle all of your debts for a fraction of what you really owe. The company will usually ask you to make monthly payments to a special bank account until there is enough to make a lump-sum offer to a creditor. But while you are putting money into your account, the debt settlement companies are taking their fees out of it! Read more

The Next Generation written for Columbia Missouri Cycling Cooperative

Every morning a group of very experienced bike riders makes its way west on Ash Street for the daily commute. Their panniers are stuffed, their helmets are buckled, they scan and signal before every turn, and they stop at every stop sign. They are the Smithton Middle School Bike Brigade. Read more


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