Are you Taking Advantage of Inbound Marketing?

We all know what traditional marketing is. We hear it in our cars, we see it on the roads, we watch it on the television. Inbound marketing is a relatively new term that might have you wondering what new skills you’re going to have to learn to attract customers.

The good news is that you probably already know the tools of inbound marketing. Your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest Boards are all a part of your inbound marketing arsenal. Are you using them effective, however? Consistent, quality content on those sites is what brings customers in and keeps them coming back.

The Whole Brain Group effectively summed up the process with a handy Inbound Marketing Infographic and a list of five easy steps.

  1. Create compelling content for all stages of the buying cycle
  2. Get found by people who need your products and services
  3. Convert visitors to leads and nurture the relationship
  4. Convert qualified leads to customers
  5. Analyze and adjust your marketing tactics
This is where a content and curation writer can be a valuable asset to your business. Having quality content helps people find your products and services. When potential customers feel that you understand them, through your well written and thoughtful content, they are likely to return and use your services. Analysis of who saw and reacted to your content helps you decided what tactics work and what needs to be tweaked.
Check out what Blue Cypress Solutions can do to improve inbound marketing for your business.

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