Solo Brainstorming: location, location, location

We know what brainstorming is. We know how to brainstorm,  but WHERE you do it can be just as important.

Take a walk around the block and use the voice recorder on your phone. Try to relate 10 things you see to a blog post.

  • Falling leaves are like the sales cycle that falls through. How do we keep the leaves on the tree? (Move closer to the Equator?)
  • Teenagers hanging out on the corner reminds you thatparenting rules and writing content are similar.
  • Are your Twitter posts a fire hydrant or a garden hose? One nurtures growth, the other blows everything out of it’s path of destruction.

Grab coffee at the outdoor café. The people around you will give you more ideas than you know what to do with! Look at their t-shirts (Did that one have a hashtag on it?) their habits (Do cell phones increase jaywalking?) or the amount of stuff they carry. (Gadget hoarders?)Head to the grocery store. We all gotta eat and you can get one chore done while you troll the aisles for ideas.

Today’s Tool

You’re inevitably going to wind up back in front of the computer to see if your ideas pan out. Before heading to Google, give the Random Word Generator site 10 minutes of your time to storm up 10 more ideas.


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