Clarity is KING

One of the goals for every article I write is that it brings clarity to the subject. There is so much content out there that once a reader gets “lost” by your writing, she is gone, off to the next website.

I found a pair of likeminded thinkers when I stumbled upon Common Craft. They create videos that take a variety of subjects and explain them using simple language and graphics.

Let’s say you are working with a small business owner that’s really not sure Twitter will be useful. In fact, they don’t even really know what it is. Twitter in Plain English does the talking for you.
There’s an entire library of videos like this for you to view and bring your tech knowledge up to speed. Such as:

and even

While you are welcome to watch Common Craft videos in evaluation mode on their website, they have a very reasonable yearly membership option that gives you unlimited access to use the videos on your website or in business settings.

Let me know about other “plain language” videos you use!


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