4 Ways to Know You’ve Done Enough Curating

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll just check one more site,” which turns into looking at three more links, which leads to another video, which has an interesting comment, and on and on…?

With an insane amount of data available, there’s always going to be one more stick to chase. At some point you just have to stop.

Where though? That’s something you have to answer for yourself, but if you keep these questions in mind, you’ll know when it’s time to move on.

  • Have you visited THE credible sources? For community health issues, you’d better hit the CDC, the County Health Rankings, and a local health department resource. When it comes to choosing a new car, Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds are the gold standard. Highly credible sources will help you to know if the rest of the sites you find are on the right track or just lunatic rantings.
  • Have you run out of NEW information? Depending on the issue, do you really want data from 2002, or for that matter 2010, when you’re readers are expecting up-to-date content? Try putting the current year at the end of your search query, which weeds out older stuff.
  • Have you run out RELEVANT content? Curating the best seasonal beer reviews may be helpful to your readers, but the Washington Beer Blog, while interesting, isn’t the right source. Once you get down to “best beers for a frat party” you’ve most likely exhausted your resources.
  • Have you run out of TIME? At some point you have to move on to new tasks. If you tend to get lost in the web, set a timer and stick to it. You are curating content to save your reader’s some time, but that won’t mean much if you don’t have the time to do it.

by Michelle Windmoeller at Blue Cypress Solutions

When do you know you have reached the saturation point? Give us your tips!


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