Web Content Writing and Parenting

Everything I need to know about web content writing I learned from parenting teens. The best way to do it is use as few words as possible, get your point across quickly, and don’t block the fridge.

The Mayo Clinic has a great section on Tips for Raising Teens, and those same ideas can be said for writing web content.

Tip#1 Show your Love

When you care deeply about your subject it shows. Choose topics that interest you or at least learn to appreciate your assigned topic on a new level.

 Tip#2 Minimize Pressure

People visit your site to find out if you can solve their problem. When you overload them with information or add sales pressure gimmicks you’re creating a new problem for them. Most folks will just move on. Minimize pressure on yourself too. You’re not writing a high school English five-point essay.  Web content is more conversational.  Have a little talk with your readers. Indulge in some self-expression.

 Tip #3 Encourage Cybersafety

Plagiarism can get you into trouble. Copyright laws exist for web content and you can be prosecuted for breaking them.

Tip#4 Set Limits

Limit your words, limit how much “stuff” you put on a page, limit large files that are slow to load. Show your readers that you respect their time.

Tip #5 Prioritize Rules

What is the most important information you need to get across? Put that at the top. Second most important? That goes next. If someone is only going to read your first paragraph, what do you want that paragraph to say?

Tip#6 Enforce Consequences

Your inner voice will want to wax poetic, but don’t fall for it. Use parenting tools on yourself like Active Ignoring or Imposing Consequences to stop wordiness. Punish only the guilty party (you!) and not your readers.

Tip#7 Set a Positive Example 

There is a lot of long-winded web content out there. Show the world what clear, concise text can look like and be part of the revolution!

copyright Michelle Windmoeller Blue Cypress Solutions


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