“You Had Better Sit Down,” he said.

I try to keep things lighthearted here, often at the expense of my children and their antics. Today I was cleaning out some papers and found this writing from the past. I may roar my terrible roar and gnash my terrible teeth at them sometimes, but they’ve brought me the two most perfect days of […]

Living The Dream

I’m an optimist. Not the Christmas tree selling, bingo playing kind. The “it’s possible to live The Dream kind.” As long as The Dream is yours and realistic to you, I optimistically believe you can do it. Again: yours and realistic to you. I once dreamed of going into space. I now have positional vertigo […]

What A Fool Believes

I’m fairly new to Pandora radio. I have playlist control issues, so it took me a while. I’d like to say I’m discovering all kinds of great, new music but I tend to gravitate to the familiar stuff. Not oldies. Good god no. Just stuff from my lifetime. (pause, I’ll be right back.) Damn you […]

Writing Roundup

I’ve been hard at work in the writing world, just not on Blue Cypress. Here’s some of the content I’ve produced in the past few months: New The Weight of the Nation for Kids Screening to Action: Quickstart Guide I’ve been fortunate to, once again, have been a part of the team that produced these […]